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Product Code: POCO



.Patented design with our model heat sink system,the soft lighting spot,can be choose different combination and size,power for same design,can be widely used for the commercial site and office site and etc.

.Aluminium die casting material,improvment of the traditional heat sink,avoid the potential risk during working;

.Electrostatic painting,save the color consistency;

.Superior quality PC cover,High light transmittance and optical soft, without astigmatism.



Remote Standard Triac Dimming

(DALI and 1-10V available on request at additional cost)


Lamp Temp:

Standard 3000k



White as Standard 



1. As rated Voltage Is AC220-240V 50-60Hz, any operation under high or low voltage for long time will cause normal function and life shortage.

2. Under any cases, LED tube is not allowed to be installed in flammable object and covered by insulation blanket or similar material.

3. Before installation and replacement of fluorescent downlight, power must be cut off to keep people safe.

4. LED downlight,  cannot be seen directly by optical instrument. Degree is 1M.

5. When the orbit lamp (self-extinguishing, abnormal blinking), please check the power supply voltage is normal, if normal fault has not ruled out, need to replace the new lamp.

6. Prohibition to be used outdoor or in any place where rain drop)

7. The luminaire shall be installed by a qualified electrician and wired in accordance with the latest IEE electrical regulations or the national requirements.



1.In order to ensure optimum performance ,please clean the product regularly (recommended twice a year,When cleaning the product ,please use soft cotton cloth only.

 2. Do not use chemical solvents to clean the luminaire, it might damage the surface.


Part No POCO
Power 15W LED
CRI: Ra≥90
CCT 3000K / 4000K
Beam Angle Wall Washer
SystemLumen Flux 1050lm - 1200lm
LM Report LM80
Rated Lifespan >5000HRS(L70)
SDCM (Macadam Step) <3
LED Forward Voltage 36V
LED Maximum Current 402mA
Input Voltage AC220-240V 50/60HZ
Output Voltage 27-42V
Output Current 350mA
Driver Efficiency >85%
Power Factor >0.9
THD ≤ 10%
STAR TIME ≤ 0.5s
Protection Short Current Protection, NO Load Protection, Overload Protection.
Dimension 100 x 96.5mm
Cutout Ø90mm
Material Aluminium Die Casting
Finishing White Frame + Iron Grey Heat Sink + Orangered Clip
Adjustable NO
Rotable NO
Shading Angle 30°
IP Rating IP 20
Operating Temperature -20~+40℃
Storage Temperature 25°C
Class Level  Safety Class II
Certificated CE ROHS LVD
Warranty 5 Years Replacement
Color Of Ring White (Normal)
Color of Heat Sink Iron Gray (Normal)