Product Code: DALI-P02

DALI Touch Panel Controller


DALI-P02 is one of our high-end, DALI wall dim touch panel controller series, with characteristic of fashionable and beautiful appearance, complete functions, easy operations, sensitive key touch. The user can control DALI controller and driver to achieve group and scene control via this panel. It can be widely used in hotels, restaurants, villas, hospitals and offices and other regions.


Product Features

  • Product Features
  • Meet DALI Standard protocol IEC60929/IEC62386
  • Supplied via DALI bus 
  • Support broadcast control. 
  • Support up to 3 groups control individually.
  • Support up to 4 scenes control individually.
  • Use blue led button indicator, easy to use.
  • Can support many standard electrical wall box
  • Glass panel, fashion style.
  • Start Group and start Scene can be set by dip-switch in back side.
  • Can choose white or black according to personal preference.
  • IP20